Episode 2: Interview with Mehdi Aryan

In this podcast I interview Dr. Mehdi Aryan. Dr. Aryan is a Licensed Dentist in NYC with years of experience and laundry list of happy clients.

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Hello and welcome to the David Todd Miller podcast. I’m your host, David Todd Miller. This podcast is about fitness, nutrition, having a positive mindset and how to optimize the human performance as well as human experience. This podcast is also about developing a never say die attitude, living a life of positivity and, most of all, having hope.

Well, we have Doctor Mehdi with us today, a license dentist here in New York City. Very well experienced, Very knowledgeable.

(Dr. Aryan) My name. Dr Mehdi Aryan and I’m a General Dentist here in New York City. Located at eighty Park Ave. David is a great friend of mine. Also my trainer lucky, too. I’ve known him for the past three years and here today to discuss some things that overlap between general Health and Oral.

(David) Where where did you go to school? And so I grew up in Boston. I graduated from Tufts Dental School in Boston with a Masters. Then I moved to New York to do my residency here. Months fewer practicing for about seven years now were going to York City a good chunk of time in the big apple Exact. So what? What all is what all goes into the schooling of dentistry. So typically, yeah, I do. Four years of undergraduate. Most people do it in biology or pre med. And then after that, you apply dental school. And that’s another four years. Then you can go on from there. No, either. General practice residency, which I did for you. Go on and specialized in French specialties, and then the street. Okay, so it’s very much like become an actual doctor like a medical doctor. Exactly. Yeah. In dental school, most of our courses overlap with the medicals. Okay, so you kind of get a little bit of interaction. Well, you know, you are a doctor, specialized the mouth. So just like any other specialty medicine. You know whether off Tamala Gist, specialty eyes, cardiologists, specialists of the heart, Dennis, our train medical doctor, Special special lies and Orel Cavity. Yeah. So what are some things that people may not know about? A dense in general are some things that you have learned over the past years that most people would say Oh, really? What? Well, nothing. No, As Faras not knowing things about Dennis is one thing. But a lot of people don’t really know much about the basics of oral health. And that’s where I like to educate people. It’s about the patient. It’s not about me. So you know, when when people step in for the first time, I like to kind of, you know, give him a crash course on the importance of world health. You know, being a doctor, you’re a doctor. And, well, you in Latin means teacher. Okay, so you know, I have to teach people about, you know, their current status of their oral health. And from there, you know, I can help them with some good understanding forward with their needs and their treatment. So, you know, my primary goal, even before I start to do any chemistry, is to educate. Because once you understand, you know the etiology of no gum disease or how cavities start, and you know how it affects your general health. Then you know, when you do take care of, you know, when you do your part at home with your home care, now you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. You understand why it’s important to flaws. You understand why it’s important to go for your routine checkups. And when you understand that, you’re more likely to be top of there, there. So, you know, just where is the number? Can’t growing up. Can’t learn from your your votes might win it from Yeah, I have, like, a Dennis. Come in school like fourth grade or something. Shows that a loss of what? But And you may like a commercial or something here and there, but you really don’t learn a whole lot. I feel is a general population grade school, high school college. You know, all you hear is no. Twice a day lost in that town where they leave via desire. Where would you say people can bridge the gap between what you know and like, what air good resource is. Or something along those lines. Well, most important is your dentist job, too, to educate you. So you know, that’s right. Set myself apart from a lot of other dentists who just, you know, kind of dive right into doing the work. No taking the time to explain for the patient. But, you know, just like anything else. There is plenty of online. You know, you two, Basically, any any kind of information you want learn is now at your disposal. You can go online, but really, until you don’t go until you go to a dentist, and you you are, you know, informed about two different things going on in your mouth. You know, you gotta take x rays. You don’t really know what’s going on. So first good stuff is show up a dentist. You know, make sure you’re going for your at these six. Every six month checkup. I mean, whatever you every six months. So, you know, a lot can happen in a couple of months if you go once every year. You know, a small cavity could turn into a big cat the year. So six months. Good amount of time because you catch things early enough. You can kind of nick, um, in the butt. No, take care of it. No, that’s really the reason. Okay. What? So what exactly from a medical standpoint, is a cavity? So cavity is when the dental decay process begins, where no bacteria feed on sugars, there’s different kinds of bacteria in amount But for, for instance, for cavities, it is the bacteria feeding on sugar and carbohydrates in your mouth. And basically their waste product is acid, and acid is what starts eroding, healthy anomaly to structure. So that’s essentially what a cavity is. And basically, the bacteria start to take over the tooth and with time, just multiply and back The cavity grows and grows and basically rot, healthy to structure. So that’s what? Okay. And so when you when you brush your teeth, is that neutralizing the acid or just removing the bacteria in general or both? Yeah, definitely. Basically brushing, you know, paste has flora in it. Fluoride is bye cavity agent. Basically, it reverses the that to decay process. So it remained a realizes enamel at its early stages. Yeah, you’re basically wiping the bacteria off. But you know, it is crucial, like meets that earlier to also make sure you flush because you know a lot of the plaque and a lot of food Debris that in our mouth caught him between the teeth and brushing his early clean that so no. When you don’t floss, you’re really not cleaning about forty percent of the tooth surface. So yeah, it’s like almost like not brushing your teeth. So you know that. And on top of that, when you don’t plus, you know your gums there constantly in the more flame. Status basically chronic. That becomes a crypt that’s a chronic condition that turns into a gun. So first you start with Ginger Vitus, which just means inflammation of the gums. And then over time, gingivitis turns into period on Titus, which is now Not only are your comes in flames now you’re losing bone bone underneath the gums. And also the cops are tourists. Sylvian. Yeah, gingivitis. You know, people hear that term all the time. And toothpaste, commercials and things like that are heavy hitters. Yeah, but most people probably don’t even know what gingivitis means. You know? So, yeah, that just means inflamed gums. But if you don’t take care of that and it turns into gum disease, and then a lot of martyrs loose teeth from gum disease, So what what exactly is causing information is a distraction to the answer. Knows you won’t. You know, that’s a different kind of bacteria that we talked about with cavities. So there’s all these different kinds of bacteria that live in our mouth. Some are responsible for irritating gums summary responsible for causing to decay. So when you have plac accumulation below the gums, those bacteria that are specific tio, you know, cause income issues. They thrive and they multiply. And yes, they’re basically there. Waits, Product erodes the the bone struck here of the job. Our teeth are anchored in bones. So with that, the bone level starts to be depleted. And, you know, that goes on for many years. He’d start to get loose because the teeth are anchored in job site of bone. So yeah, and these are things that you know if unless you’re dentists or your dentist educates you on it, you’re not really going toe. No. So this is why I have these discussions with patient. So they understand. And once you understand, that’s the first step off, you know, tackling the problem. This is so I mean, I got, like, four questions and what you just said. I’ll start with counter simpler one and maybe graduated from there. So flossing says, big one, forty percent. It’s being hit when you’ve lost your the whole one hundred roughly or less what? You know, there’s different ways to flaws. You’ve got like, the the Caliph, the little picks, You know, it might be an inch wide or so. Yeah, the ready there, Flossie, You get dentist. Got a long cord, the water Pik. Are there any others in which one is the most effective? That’s a great question. Because, you know, I see a lot of people come in with you, No pigs really on top of it. But then they still have cavities. They still have inflamed gums. You know, it’s certainly better than doing nothing. But, you know, that’s another thing. I take my time and give them oral hygiene instructions. Show them how to properly applause. So the best kind of pluses used tape flaws like morally glide, for example, the regular, you know, strand of loss. A lot of times it gets ready and it’s annoying. I recommend or will be glide two patients because it literally glides and that doesn’t get ready. And you know what you have to do is not only going between, so the reason why the pics are no good is because when you hold and it’s hard for me to to explain this on D’oh interview. But it’s kind of a visual thing. But when you floss, you want to make sure you’re scraping that in between surface of the tooth. So with the pics. You’re just simply going in and out in and out. You don’t have that. Almost like a friction with. Well, you don’t have it makes dexterity. You know, like when you hold the Strand of Plus, you’re holding it with your two hands so you can kind of drag it up against that in between. Surfers. You know, that’s the whole point of flossing is to scrape that image surface. So when you use the pics, you’re simply just going out and out, and you’re not really scraping the inbetween surface. So you know, you might be missing a lot of the plan debris that’s still there. You know, water pick is good, but I always tell people use it in conjunction with irregular boss. Don’t really replace flossing with water pik, especially for people who have fixed retainers after getting or thawing things like that. Water pick is a good tool because you can clover you. You know, You want to make sure you use the conventional flaws. I kind of have to, like, kind of like a C shape we gotta drag it up against, you know that in between surface of the two rather than you know with the pics. Like I said, you’re simply just plane in and out in that in between space, and it’s not as efficient. It doesn’t matter if it’s wax turn on Lex. Is that so? You know that the tape plus is not wax. You know, it’s kind of a matter of personal preference, But like I said, I found that with the world you fly, you know, that’s the easiest way to get in and out between kid. So that’s that’s the one I recommend. OK, so wait, you’re brushing your teeth. We got glossing math. Watson is a big one. They’re always talking about prevention of gingivitis like you mentioned earlier and Is that something that really going to make a difference, or it’s kind of advertising. It can’t hurt. But, like, you know, all you really need to do is brush floss and go, you know, for your routine checkup in cleaning sand. You know, all that other fancy stuff is kind of extra. You know, you can certainly use mouthwash, but no. At the end of the day, it just comes down to, you know, brushing and flossing with the right technique. Okay, so I know for some people, they’re not too worried about that math watch with their teeth and their guns are, you know, I got good teeth, your guns, I got bad breath. So there’s a last two questions from there, you know? So there’s some people just use it for that. Is that something that is really going to help her? Is a temporary fix a lot of times with bad breath because they might have some gastrointestinal issues that they they haven’t, you know, address. If if you know they don’t have gum disease or don’t have rotten teeth, that’s something to look at. Also, brushing your tongue is an important one because it’s a lot of tiny filaments that harbor bacteria, too. So point brush your tongue because I can’t build up a thick film bacteria because of those filament. So it’s important also corporate’s rushing or, you know, use a tongue scraper. Okay, It doesn’t matter. I remember I think I’ve heard this once. I don’t know, Dennis or somebody else or what, But when you are, it’s creeping tiger brushing. You’re trying to get more of the back of it. And you know that Almost two point that you’re he had that thing down your throat. Yeah, he’s a true are Well, you know that there are different types of filaments in the tongue, So perhaps in the back, they’re more porous. Look, it’s elements, So yeah, makes sense. You want to make sure you get back there and scrape off all that? All the bacteria from the more Forest Party is there. Is there anything dietary wise or maybe just hydration that will reduce the build up of the bacteria? I don’t know how fast. Yeah, so, you know, they’re people who have different cars of saliva. Some people don’t create as much saliva. Some people just more acidic. Ph of the mouth. These are things that you know. The dentist can definitely came too with the patient. And, you know, they’re people who have like Short syndrome or, you know, people on medication was that try them out. Those those kinds of patient be more aware. You know of that because saliva has a lot of properties, just don’t even have enough saliva production. More prone to I have because saliva actually helps fight. So Oh, some people who are, let’s say, mouth breathers. They have dry mouth overnight, they could be more prone. I’m getting cavities. You know, these air, That’s why. You know, Like I said, it’s really important to educate people because it’s there’s a lot that goes into it. You have to make sure you’re practitioner is kind of taking a comprehensive look at at everything. Because if you’re just, you know, focus than on one tooth and not looking at the general picture, a lot can be missed. So I want to make sure your dentist top of it all. Okay. You threw out a word that I have never heard. It is, like, shortens short man syndrome. It’s spelt s j o R. Ichi. Yeah, that’s kind of like, are you? And a lot of times the patients, they don’t produce enough saliva. So another medications, they’re rinses there. Chewable is that that can stimulate their saliva production. So I reclaim. Exactly. So this disease is that triggers your celebrity glands. Exactly. So you know, this saliva is big. It’s alive. But the content of this alive. What Some people may even have enough saliva production. But no, we can check ph of the saliva and just make sure the mouth acidic environ ours. Acid is basically one. If you have a good night hydration, is that going to be a large helps? Exactly. So people, dry mouth sort of conditions that cause dry mouth. You know, one main thing is hey, keep drinking water. Stay hydrated. Definitely one of the recommendations. Make it. You know, Just as faras your general health coz, you know that you’re always telling me. You know, it’s rehydrated. You got a drink, You’re eight cups of water at least per day. And just for the home, your spaces of our body you know, you have to be hydrated and water’s essential. Not just for your aura health, but for your general health or Russia. Teeth flossing or making sure we’re hydrated cleaning our town. And we’re staying away from sugars That’s making. Is that acid? What about like salt? Does that have any effect? There’s nothing else. We really need to watch out for sugar acid. You know, So energy, drink soda, Gatorade. You know, just anything sugary juices people think juices is good for you, but the are all juice. Most juices is just sugar. So these are things you have today. So what about like staying in stuff like that coffee stain? Wine. What? What’s going on there? This is a really step segmentation from from from the wine or the T. Interesting things. Coffee. I just spoke to the enamel. Yeah, so Dennis can just polished that off. Is that something? You know it. If you’re trying to be as creative as you can, do you want to have your coffee and then brush your teeth? Brush your teeth to prevent the coffee from saying all those staining doesn’t damage your teeth? It’s more aesthetic thing. Yeah, Usually when you drink coffee, it’s the stains are on the back part, back surfaces. So, you know, just when you go for your dental cleaning, Dennis is the right tools or the hygienist to scrape those things off. So that’s not a big deal. Okay, So I know, like, you go to the dentist and get whitening and something that what about, like, the over the counter, so to speak. Like that? Yeah. I mean, you know, those things help, but you know that the one at the dental office it is what kind of prescription grade. So if you want, you know, really noticeable changes that you get in office waiting. But No, Those products over the counter definitely work, you know, they have. They work differently for different people. But as long as you don’t, the one thing with lightning that people need to realize is your teeth and gums have to be in in good health. You know, if you haven’t had a cleaning for a long time and you want to go get whitening, you’re goingto damage your teeth and your gums by putting that on a dirty surface. So first thing is to get the mouth and good shape, take care of any cavities, get rid of the plaque buildup. And then once everything is in good shape, you can You can do it to get the best results. So what other? Incurable? So it’s a I walk out the door, A trip in my shoe lace. I not want to that what I did. You got it. You got it. Phone the dentist. They sap. But in the meantime, depends. If a lot of times you know, you can put your tooth and in milk or in it’s called banks solution. Will not everyone is gonna have that lying around. This is what they teach you in dental school. Okay, Lucian, you were just get that Walgreen anything that hardware store something. But, you know, I’m usually a couple of milk is good, and we’re gonna put milk in my mouth and turn No, say that Carl is working a cup and put it in and just contact your dentist right away. Depends if the tooth comes off, comes out in all, there’s different approaches that we You know, I don’t want to get into that right now because there’s a whole list of whether the tooth is evolved or it’s Lux aided or if it’s fractured hands on the Trump. So if that is, what exactly depends on the trauma. So but yeah, you need to call the dentist. Hey, stop. Take care of that. So what? But after another proposal, what happens if why all the curve balls that I see how well you can hit him. So let’s say that occurs. And for some reason, it happens a little night. I’m walking around. I run into something. Not too that Put it in. How long is that good for? Like, is there anything I could do for a couple hours? But honestly, you know, you something like that happens. You know, there are even in emergency rooms. They always have a dentist on call. You know, a better hospital. Yeah, OK, it’s better. Tio take care of it A sap, because with those kinds of problems that the sooner you address it, the better it is. Definitely contact your dentist. They would get back to you in there. They open the office. But you know, if you can, they do offer dental emergency services and hostile. You did not know that I would’ve been like crap. You know, Dennis is asleep right now. I got a lot of student my residency. I worked in the hospital. We had to do call every couple of nights, and people come in at three in the morning with tooth app says, and incision and training. A lot of hockey players? No, just a lot of people who neglected their their teeth until it’s our acting up. One day at three. A. M. Mostly. So if someone chipped tooth there, they cracked it in half. He just put it back on. Like how it’s important to say that you guys are You guys are actually reattaching to more or less. Like I said, depends on the case. You know, sometimes we can use bonding agent, too. Bond Teo. Teo. Is it like a glue or silica? Calcium? Kind of. You know, it is a bonding agent. In it is, it is like glue, but it’s meant for your teeth. It’s not like gorilla Krazy glue, but but a lot of the time we use our restorative material, you know, depends on the amount of the size of the crack. You know, if it’s big crack than to mate, might need a root canal post in the crown. If it’s a small way, have to see if we can use that to bond back. Sometimes you have to use our resident, uh, material, you know, composite material. So it’s very much based, based on case to case on a case to case basis. So you know, I don’t want to just die. Throw something out there because every case is different. This is so if it’s just kind of like I’m assuming that like Thie edge and you reattach it, it’s okay. What point does the tooth because it’s bonded by this resin or that this bonding agent doesn’t say we were. Yeah, except this. So you know, guys, if it’s over forty percent of the Toots surface, most likely the tooth is going to need a full coverage frustration because they just used composite material. But finding most like bites into something hard. It’s gone. Break your job. Burgers. That’s going to be more substantial. Oh, very clever. It’s frustration, such as a crown. Okay, so kind of bank checking with this. We’re talking about sugar. Sugar is no good. I have bright fluorescent green branch chain amino acids over there. Green apple flavored. But it’s sweet. Was super lows, I believe. Which is? It’s not sugar. Alcohol. Yeah, And so I actually, you know, a lot of sugar alcohols or actually good for your teeth. This one? I would have to look it up. It’s like it’s like Splenda, actually. Okay. Yeah, that’s that’s not really. That’s not bad. Okay? Yeah. Even like you chew gum with Silas. Which is the sugar up alcohol. Kind of like a trident or in orbit. You don’t want to choose, For example, a juice that’s got a lot of sugar, but there are certain gums that actually helped looking like a child. She’s tried that trend and white training so that what kind of any kind of chewing gum inside a hotel is actually good for your teeth. Okay. Are there any other sugar alcohols that we should watch out for me. Any other gums have something else in it? No silence. Okay. So is there Is it possible to stimulate lightning with a gun like they advertise? Or is that more? It’s not going to be substantial, you know, it’s going to be very minor, but that’s more of a marketing gimmick, okay? Right. Do you like five percent If that? Yeah. You really want some peace and results? There’s better options that chilling tried and light. Okay, Yeah. Eso Maybe they just kind of you know, from time to time, it’s not gonna hurt you. Sounds good. Pull tend to underestimate the affected overall effect of or importance of world health because you’re your mouth and your oral cavities. First of all, it’s where you know, you take in all the food and everything like that. And you know when you don’t have healthy teeth and healthy gums, it really does. For example, this is another great point. Two. Tell our listeners is people who have gum disease are much more prone to getting and a card itis. Andi, heart problems. I’ve seen you know, someone with a gum abscess in the emergency room who actually went into shock because that their end of cardio the in the inner encasement of the heart the bacteria that infects that is the same bacteria that we find in our gums. So there is no gate that separates your oral cavity from the rest of your body. And you know you. I’ve seen people who they think they’re in great health. You know, they would jam the exercise, but then they neglect the Dennis, and then they have issues. And that person is not really healthy because they may go to the gym and they may, you know, work mussels in there. Exactly. But if you want to be in tiptop form, you gotta really be on top of your oral health because it’s It’s like a domino. If you neglect that open up big cannon, warm stuff, it’s pretty simple. It’s just like, you know, in your as a trainer, you tell, tell you us, me included. Stay on top of it. It’s about consistency. Same thing with Orel Health. If you want to keep your teeth for a long time till you know until the day that you leave this world, you got a you know, two year part at home. That’s the most important part, more so than, you know going to the dentist. That’s important, you know, so we can take X rays so we can clean the teeth. But it’s really what you do at home every day and being consistent with it and not just flossing. Once in a blue moon or once in a week and, you know, developing those habits and sticking with them just because when you develop the habit and you get into a routine, then you know it’s much easier than if you just kind of like exactly what working out. You know, you don’t work out for three weeks and you go back and work out one day. What good is that? You might as well, not even to itself. Same thing. Same thing. So keeping that consistency, How consistent. I mean, you want to try to do every day, twice a day? Yeah. Do you want to go as far as like after every meal? You know, you want to definitely try toe brushed twice a day. I know to be real. Ideally, you want also floss twice a day. But if you flush once today, that’s realistically that’s good to know Is there any benefit to doing it in? A warning is supposed to evening, possibly evening. Because, like I said, when When we go to bed, depending on especially a lot of people you know are mouth breathers, things like that. And, you know, the mouth as much drier at night time and like we discussed, so live lies a lot of anti microbial properties. So you know, you want to make sure you definitely do it before. But time I I always thought people floss before you brush. That way you remove anything in between the teats of the phone from the toothpaste. And that is something penetrated floss first, then. Yeah, because now that in between surfaces are cleaner and more open. So the phone from the toothpaste and get in there better and do its thing do its job, clean everything up. Okay? Makes sense. But it does. I wish so. Every question? No, this No question. So there are your typical your crest. You’re Aquafresh and that kind of thing. And then there’s I actually used a natural toothpaste. Does the other one’s. From what I understand, handsome chemicals might happy is good for you. You use like Tom’s. I used Toms. I don’t know if it’s flavored or what. But Major that had Florida. Yeah, but what? What chemicals are in the other ones that might not be as good for you or worship pushing the listeners be looking for. They pick up the toothpaste that has active ingredients and active honestly, more or less, they’re all the same. You know, some of the holistic ones, you’re rid of fluoride. FlowRider is really important and, you know, nicking cavities and their various early stages in the But like a, I explained earlier, they have that property to re mineralized gamble when, like a super tiny. So honestly, you know, when people ask me about brands of toothpaste, things like that, you know, they’re all pretty much the same. They have fluoride. They have some sort of abrasive, you know, too polished surface of the two. It’s not really about the brand. It’s not about, you know, brand of toothbrush. You know, Just make sure it’s a soft purcell to brush, so it’s not abrasive to the gums. And it’s really about the technique, the consistency and how often you brush flaws. You know you can have the fanciest pellet on machine in your house, and it could be collecting dust. You know, that doesn’t mean you’re not You’re going to be and you’re going to be fit. Or you could have a guy was no equipment, but he’s, you know, I can’t do it knocking out burpees and push ups and he’s in tip top shape. So there you go. Perfect analogy here. True. So two fresh wise. Like I’ve always been told you want to hit the teeth at a forty five degree angle. Yeah. So, you know, small circular motions exactly. So listeners can look up past technique. B A S s a technique that’s the right technique. And you just described what backs technique is okay. Out of forty five degree angle and small circular motions. We have two bristles on the gum, half on the teeth and you want to make sure you spend about four minutes brushing? I tell people, Don’t rush rush. I can usually tell kids that because they think, you know, just they go Boom, boom, boom, boom. After ten seconds, they tell their parents I brushed. I’m good. I’m guilty of that. It’s like a first name or say Okay, I’m running when they take your time. I usually tell people for, you know, put on a song that you like. Songs are usually about forty five minutes, so Okay, brush from beginning fishing, Okay. Has definitely toothbrush only has one last question for you. So I have a, uh, things the world be an electric one. And no, not bronze. Horribly wrong. Think it’s circular goes back? Jesus. Faras text. That’s good, I said, even if you have the right technique with manual to brush. But I really like the Phillips Sonic toothbrush books because they uses the ultrasonic vibrations. Basically, just does the whole job for you. Just hold it up against your teeth. And the ultrasonic vibrations really break up that dental plan. Okay. I also simulates bloodflow guns. Teo, perhaps gentle. This has different. It has different modes. One it’s for gum when it’s for. So that one is a really good one. So especially for different people. Accumulate placket. Different rate. So for people build up a lot of plans. I’m definitely ready. Philip Sonic urine. I have no solution. Really, Brad. So Yeah, well, many, I think I think that’s all we have to wait. All the bases. We got a good a good start. We’ll have you on again. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. The man. I catch it. All right, Thanks. So, again many. If if anyone wants have used or Dennis or contacting for question. Love to have them there. Where? Where are you looking at? I’m at eighty Park. That’s on thirty ninth and park, right near Grand Central. Ok, And your name? Your business again is called Vita Dental. And it’s online. As you know, dental duck v i t a dental. If anyone wants to check you out on social media working, they find you know that the dental and and mice for for Facebook, Facebook and Instagram Way do Twitter. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You’re pushing me to be more active on social media state that any any YouTube? I have not, But, you know, definitely looking along your footsteps. So if Wei have many on again, if he has a you too at that time we’ll update you guys. But you mean he’s on Instagram Facebook as Vita Dental in Y. C and website as well? And then he’s up near Grand Central. Where is his place of occupation? Yes, Thank you. That’s very welcome. Very welcome. You She ate it and thank you for having me. Thanks for coming on. Yeah, sure. Anything I wasn’t. Well until next time You take it easy. Okay, Thanks again, guys for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast. Also, thanks to natural machine nutrition for sponsoring this podcast. If you’re interested in natural supplements without fillers, dyes, chemicals, anything like that, check out national wishing nutrition at natural machine nutrition dot com. 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And we can pretty much just correspondent via a mobile application that you can download right on your phone. So that’s another possibility as well. Again, thank you, guys, since really appreciate your time. Go out there, have fun, enjoy every moment life has to offer Live your passion, help others and most of all, have hope. This is David Miller out.”