8: Interview w/ Master Fitness Trainer Viveca Williams: Pt. 3

We conclude an awesome podcast with Viveca Williams in this episode. Truly had a blast making this Podcast! Topics covered:

  • Finding a good personal trainer – what qualifications they possess, what is their level of education on the subject matter (both in and out of the gym), and are they leading by example.
  • What exactly is a PERSONAL TRAINER-How is the exercise program set up, what adjustments have been and are being made, and what to watch out for to ensure you are getting the training YOU need.
  • Instafamous vs reality

To reach Viveca see the below information

EMAIL: vivecawilliams22@yahoo.com

Instagram: body_by_v

BLOG: Muscle can be…Muscle is -> https://mcbmiblog.wordpress.com