How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

how to get fit by walking every day

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

(10 reasons)

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

There are so many reasons to walk every day. It has been known to aid in weight loss, improve heart health, ward off stress, and increase bone density. While walking can be done anywhere at any time of the day it is also one of the easiest ways to get exercise! Here are 10 benefits walking provides for your body:

1) Weight Loss

Walking daily has been proven to help you lose weight. If walking is performed long enough then it will lead to muscle gain (especially in the feet, lower legs, and supporting muscle groups). which helps contribute even more weight loss! It also helps to improve coordination while doing obstacles on the ground and even more so when on inclines, uneven ground, or carrying terrain. Walking 30 minutes a day can burn off about 200 calories for the average person. This will vary depending on the size of course. This means walking 15 miles over seven days equals 3500 calories for our example person; that’s 1 pound of fat! Carrying a backpack while walking can make this number even higher.

2) Increases Bone Density

Walking can increase bone density which helps to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that breaks down bones which leads to pain/inability in later life. People with this disease are prone to falls and breaking bones with longer recovery periods. Walking 30 minutes instead of sitting on the couch at night can keep you out of trouble and healthy as well! This daily exercise will strengthen muscles and joints too which makes it easier and more enjoyable to walk even more often. One study found walking at least 30 minutes each day increased bone density by 2% more than those who didn’t walk for exercise. Walking also boosts muscle mass which can help strengthen bones even more! I like to wear a backpack with some heavy items (stacked comfortably of course) to really get things going. I’ll also take the uphill and sometimes off-road route.

3) Improved mood

Walking provides the body with endorphins; chemicals that make you feel good! The harder the walk/movement, the more endorphins your body will produce. These chemicals promote feelings of happiness and euphoria. Anytime you need to boost your mood walking is a great option. That’s right walking can be a stress reliever! I also encourage you to walk in and around nature. Tress, plants, and vegetation, in general, put off different compounds we breathe in and have a boost on mood and our immune system. Walking has been known to increase serotonin levels in the brain which is an important chemical for keeping you happy. It also boosts your self-esteem, helps with depression, and decreases feelings of stress making walking your go-to activity when feeling down or experiencing any of these symptoms. I’ll add some light-hearted music to go with it or a podcast to strengthened both mind and body. a great podcast to start off with is the DavidTodd Miller Podcast  🙂 

4) Improves Heart Health

Walking for 30 minutes per day has been shown to reduce many risk factors that lead to potential heart problems. These include high blood pressure, bad cholesterol (especially intermediate and small dense LDL, the large buoyant LDL is not as bad. I encourage a further breakdown of lipids if available. Ideally this is low and HDL is high), obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. Walking doesn’t burn as many calories as other exercises, but since walking is easy enough to do daily, it helps in all these areas to boot! Walking also reduces depression symptoms, so if you have heart disease, walking could help alleviate those blues and blossom into a better day in as short as 15 minutes. Change your environment, change your mood. Walking increases circulation within your body which means walking strengthens organs as well by providing more nutrients and oxygen. This will lead to better heart function, healthier skin, stronger bones, and lower cholesterol levels! Walk every day if possible for maximum benefits.

5) Better balance

Walking daily helps improve balance in both young and old individuals. It is low intensity and low impact. This allows walking to be an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. It’s important to focus walking exercises on walking correctly, walking fast, walking long distances, walking at various speeds and textures/terrain (e.g., on pavement or grass), walking while carrying a heavy backpack or bags of groceries that add weight. Mix it up and keep it challenging whatever level you reach. These things will help build the necessary balance and strength needed for daily activities such as walking up the stairs without falling over in our golden years or if the ground is wet/icy! Walking strengthens legs and core muscles which help with balance and stability.

Walking consistently (especially as we age) can reduce your risk of falling by about 40% according to a study from The Journal of the American Medical Association. Daily walking enhances postural stability improving overall coordination saving you from falls and injuries further down the road. 

6) Increases Creativity

Walking has also been shown to increase creativity due to the extra oxygen the brain and organs receive while walking long distances. Changing your scenery can also give you a new perspective with your thoughts. Additionally, it can also relieve stress and help release any negative emotions. Walking can be a great way to clear your mind and think positively again.

7) Easy on the Joints

Walking is easy on the joints and can be performed at any point in life. Since walking doesn’t involve much muscle or joint action, it is perfect for those who are injured or may have issues with their muscles or joints. Walking can also be done as slow as you like which makes walking an enjoyable experience as well as beneficial to the body!

8) Increases Energy Levels

Walking is the perfect option for increasing energy because it boosts oxygen and nutrients within the cells in our bodies which in turn helps fight fatigue and gives us a shot of natural caffeine (low amounts of adrenaline stimulated by activating the sympathetic nervous system) resulting in higher energy levels with no side effects whatsoever! 

9) Can Be Made Easier

Walking is easy on the joints which makes walking an activity even those with joint problems, such as arthritis, can benefit from and enjoy! Walking in water or walking around a track are ways walking can be made easier so it’s enjoyable and reduces the risk of injury. Perform walking exercises whenever possible if walking is difficult for you to build up both muscular strength and stamina.

10) Good For All Ages and Abilities

Walking is great for all ages and people of all abilities. You don’t need any equipment when walking or a place to go when performing this exercise; all you need is time! Walking 30 minutes every day is an excellent way to improve your health and mood. 

Now that you know the benefits walking has to offer, start walking today! It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s beneficial, and walking can help you live longer. These are just 10 reasons walking should be done every day/nearly every day – there are many more benefits walking offers so walk any time possible if walking isn’t in your daily schedule already! 

Some other highlights:

– walking enhances mood and relieves stress

– walking lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

– walking increases serotonin levels and is a natural antidepressant

– walking can strengthen the heart and lung capacities 

– walking helps most people live longer than those who do not walk regularly 

– walking reduces arthritis pain

I hope this article proves that walking really does improve the overall quality of life. Be sure to help encourage your friends or family members to have walking as their go-to exercise. Better yet, join them! Walking is fun and easy, so get out there today! 

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How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day

How To Get Fit By Walking Every Day